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Why Choose Trinity?

Degrees can be completed 100% through home/online study
Regardless of your schedule you can complete your courses, and your entire degree, totally through distance learning. Study in the privacy of your home or office, or carry the studies with you as you travel.

Choose an independent (self-paced) study method or a structured online class format
Our primary program allows students to begin whenever they are and study for one or two classes at a time through independent online (or correspondence) studies. For those that desire online study, but prefer a more structured environment, we also have 12 week online classes offered each quarter. For those who desire a “face to face” experience, they can supplement either of these programs with our Live Interactive Webinars.

Personal service from Academic Advisory staff, Onsite Department Chairs, Program Directors, and adjunct faculty
While we specialize in distance learning for adults, and we want to make the process as efficient and convenient as we can, we do not want everything to be automated. If you have questions or concerns during your time as a student, if you need help in understanding a finance statement or class registration, or even if you need counsel or advice, you will find the Trinity staff ready to serve you. We do not utilize an “offsite” call center. Our staff members are available in Newburgh, Monday through Friday, from 8:00AM to 5:00PM CDT. We also have technical assistance for you up until 8:00 in the evening.

Continuous Open Enrollment: Students can begin whenever they are ready
New students do not have to wait until the Fall or Spring semester begins. You can enroll and begin your studies almost immediately. You can order your books, and access your audio lectures / study guides online.

Biblical Integrity; Multi-Denominational appeal
Trinity is dedicated to equipping men and women with a Christian worldview of leadership and service in life, work, and ministry through distance education that encourages professional and academic excellence. Trinity is a conservative evangelical Christian institution that affirms:

  • The Inspiration and Authority of the Scriptures;
  • The Existence of One God in Three Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit;
  • The Creation of the Human Race in the Image of God;
  • The Fall and Resultant Human Depravity;
  • The Deity of Christ, His Incarnation, Atoning Death, and Resurrection;
  • Salvation by the Grace of God Through Faith by the Power of the Holy Spirit;
  • One Holy Christian Church, the Body of Christ;
  • The Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the Consummation of All Things;
  • The Gift of Everlasting Life in Heaven, With Christ, for All Who Have Trusted in Him for Salvation.

Affordable Tuition Cost
High tuition rates are one of the major concerns for adults seeking to continue their education. Most “Title IV” eligible universities receive 60-80% of their income from governmentally based loans taken out by the student. They have no motivation to offer what we might consider affordable tuition. Trinity is a not-for-profit institution and we exist to serve the learner. Our tuition rates are certainly not the lowest, but neither are they unreasonable. You will find that you can likely manage tuition without going into a long-term debt situation.

Maximize transfer Credit
We want you to receive the credit you deserve. It is possible transfer in up to 90 credits into our (120 Credit Hour) Bachelor of Arts programs and up to 9 credits into our (36-39 Credit Hour) Masters programs. All transfer is subject to the official Trinity transfer policy and you should discuss this with an Enrollment Advisor.

Gain Credit for Acquired Knowledge outside of the classroom (Life Experience)
Our students usually come to us with vast and varied amounts of experiential learning. They have served in churches and para-church organizations; they have served as laborers and business owners; they have served their community and their country at great sacrifice. Through a detailed documentation process, called “Portfolio” we can help the student turn that acquired knowledge into undergraduate credit. In many cases, up to 30 credits of a Bachelors of Arts can be accommodated through a learning portfolio. Although it is challenging, up to 9 credits in a Masters of Arts may also be accommodated through this process. An Enrollment Advisor will provide details about this option.

Tuition Assistance
In addition to affordable tuition rates, Trinity's Board of Regents allow for the Admissions Department to offer significant tuition discounts through the year. These discounts apply to tuition only and can lower the tuition by anywhere from 10-30%. Additional discounts may be available when pre-paying for 6 or more classes in full.

Monthly Payment Arrangements
Trinity is obviously committed to making this education affordable. Part of that commitment means that we do not expect a student to come up with a large financial investment “up front.” We offer numerous payment methods whereby a student can begin with a reasonable low deposit and pay the rest on a monthly payment arrangement. Our Enrollment Advisors are dedicated to working with you personally to develop an arrangement to meet your needs.