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12 Week Online Course Withdrawal Policy and Procedure

Process to Request Withdrawal from an Online Course after Class has Started

Trinity’s desire is for each student to successfully complete their online courses. However, if a student decides to drop an online course, the following steps must be taken to complete the process. NOTE: It is the student’s responsibility to contact Trinity and the professor of the course to formally drop an online seminar course.


In order to request withdrawal from the course, the following procedure is required:

1) Complete the Course Withdrawal Request Form.


Send an email to

  1. Use “Online Course Withdrawal Request” as the email subject line.
  2. Include your name and student ID #.
  3. Identify the course name and course # that you wish to drop.
  4. Identify the course name and course # (if known) that you wish to add.
  5. Include the reason for withdrawing from the course.

2) Review the Seminar Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellation by the student seven days or more prior to an Online Course start date allows for a transfer of the Course Delivery Fee to a different seminar or a refund of the Course Delivery Fee. A Seminar Cancellation Fee applies.
  • Cancellation within six days of the Online Course start date does not allow for any transfer of the Course Delivery Fee to a different seminar or any refund of the Course Delivery Fee.
  • Cancellation by the student of an Online Course is not considered complete until all applicable fees are paid.
  • Online Course grading policies are in effect until the cancellation process is complete including payment of applicable fees.


1) If a student decides to withdraw prior to the last day of the online course, there will be a grade assigned for that course of either WP (Withdrawal Pass) or WF (Withdrawal Fail). If a student has not started the online course, a grade of WN (Withdrawal/Non-Start) will be assigned. The grade will be listed on the student’s transcript but will not affect the student’s GPA.

2) If the student decides to request an incomplete, the appropriate course letter grade (A-F) will be assigned at the end of the 30 day incomplete. If the student requests an extension prior to or by the last day of the incomplete or the original course end date, the appropriate course letter grade (A-F) will be assigned at the end of the 6 week online course extension.

3) If a student does not submit a request for an incomplete, extension, or withdrawal, a Time-Out (T) temporary grade status will be assigned. When the Registration Expiration date or Enrollment Agreement Termination date has been reached, a course letter grade (A-F) is assigned based upon the sum of all assignments in the Study Guide.

Incomplete, Extension, and Seminar Cancellation Fees are listed in the Tuition and Fees Schedule

Remember, Trinity’s goal is to help you succeed in your program. Please email any questions to