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New Student Frequently Asked Questions

The Academic Advisory Team welcomes you to the Trinity Student body!

We encourage you to review the following FAQ as well as the Current Student FAQ for information essential to the completion of your degree program.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance.


 Getting Started
Q: How do I begin my studies?
A: 1. Read through the Trinity Orientation Manual ~ Within one week of your enrollment you should receive a Trinity Orientation Manual (unless you stated to the Enrollment Advisor that you preferred to view it online). The information within the manual will provide the answers to most of your questions. Included in the Manual is the following information: Trinity Contact Information, Lesson Submission Instructions & Examples, Research/Writing Helps, Payment Options, and the Trinity Student Handbook.

2. Receive your first course keys. ~ This will give you online access to your courses’ materials (study guides, audio lectures, and required book lists). Questions regarding course materials (study guide, audio, course keys, and textbooks) may be sent via email to Students preferring to telephone may do so by calling 812-858-3233 for assistance.

3. Complete the Trinity Tutorial ~ One of your initial course keys will give you access to the Trinity Tutorial. This Tutorial should be completed prior to beginning work on your courses. See “Q. What is the Trinity Tutorial?” for more information.

4. Begin your first course ~ Read through the course's study guide and follow the instructions therein. Questions regarding the course's assignments may be directed to

If you have questions, but do not know who to ask, you may email those to and they will be forwarded to the correct person to answer.

 TOLC Accounts
Q: What is the TOLC?
A: The Trinity Online Learning Center (TOLC) is a student resource center. Students may access Trinity news and announcements, course study guides and audio recordings, discussion forums, the Hunter Theological Library, and many other useful tools. Students must register for a user account by following the step by step instructions on the login screen.

Q: How do I set up my TOLC account?
A: You will need to set up your user account by going to and following the step-by-step instructions on the right side of the screen.

Q: Who do I contact if I have problems setting up my TOLC account?
A: If you have trouble with setting up your online account or need any technical assistance, you may contact our Tech Support staff at 800-473-0307 (if in the U.S.) or 812-858-1301, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Central Time. You may also contact them by sending an email to

Q: How can I interact with other Trinity students?
A: The Trinity Café is a student social forum available in the TOLC. It provides a place for Trinity students to discuss any topic, share prayer requests, etc. Participation in the Trinity Café is optional, and the café is shared with all Trinity students.

 Student Identification
Q: What is my Student ID number for?
A: Trinity uses Student ID numbers to access student records. Each time you contact us (via phone or email) you will need to have your Student ID number ready to give. This ensures that the staff member is able to pull up the correct records. You will also use your Student ID number for accessing the Student Access Records site, identifying your course assignments, identifying payments to Trinity, etc. When you email Trinity, you will need to use your Student ID number in the subject line followed by a concise indication of your subject. This will ensure that our spam filters do not prevent your email from getting through to us.

Q: Where can I find my Student ID number?
A: The Student ID number is assigned at the time of processing the activation payment. You should receive a confirmation email within a couple days of your enrollment, which will provide you with your new Trinity Student ID number. If you do not receive that confirmation email, please contact our Finance Department and they will be able to send you that information.

 Student Records Access Account
Q: What is the Student Records Access?
A: Trinity provides current students access to view their own selected database records. A simple set up allows students to quickly gain secure access to their own information through their personal computers. Academic and financial records can be accessed online at any time in order to keep students up-to-date as they progress through their course work.

Q: How do I set up my Student Records Access account?
A: To set up a student account online go to the following link: This link will give you instructions for setting up your account. Once the account is set up it will provide a way for you to keep track of your course information (grades) and your financial account. If you have any questions or trouble with setting up the account you may contact our Tech Support Department at 1-800-473-0307 (Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. CST). You may also email them at

 Trinity Tutorial
Q: What is the Trinity Tutorial?
A: The Trinity Tutorial is designed to be an orientation that will answer many questions you may have about Trinity processes and procedures. This course can usually be done in one or two sittings.

After you open and read the Tutorial course key email, click on the link in the email. Once you enter your username, password and the course key from the email, you will enter the Tutorial. The email with the course key also contains instructions on how to set up your TOLC username and password.

When you are reading through the Tutorial, be sure to click on all of the blue links and read the information in each link. After you read through the Contact Information, you will come to an Interactive Self Evaluation Quiz to emphasize to you important information. After you submit the Tutorial Completion Form, you will be sent a confirmation email.

Q: What is a Course Key?
A: A course key gives students access to the course’s resource room or online classroom on the TOLC. Students may download course study guides and applicable audio recordings through the TOLC.

The course keys for the courses listed on your first Class Schedule will be emailed to you from Trinity's Support Services Specialist ( within 48-72 hours of enrollment. Please follow the instructions in the emails to access the TOLC resource rooms. Once in the classroom, you will need to select the study guide that matches the course code in the course key email which corresponds with the course code on your Class Schedule.

To request a Course Key, students may use the online request form.

Q: Where do I find a listing of my course's required textbooks?
A: Every course's study guide has a listing of required textbooks; usually on the second or third page. The study guide will provide the title, author, ISBN#, and all the necessary information that you will need to be able to order the books.

Q: Who do I contact with questions about obtaining my course's required materials?
A: Our Support Services Specialists assist in serving students in the area of materials. Any time you have a question regarding materials (course keys, study guides, audio lectures, required textbooks or the Virtual Bookstore) you may contact staff for assistance via telephone at 1-812-858-3233 or via email at

Q: How do I order my required textbooks?
A: You may order your textbooks from our Virtual Bookstore or, if you prefer, from any other online book ordering site or your local bookstore of choice. Any questions you may have regarding purchasing your textbooks or the Virtual Bookstore may be directed to our Support Services Specialist at 1-812-858-3233. You may also email them at

Q: Where do I have my official transcripts sent?
A: Students may have their official transcripts from other schools sent to Trinity's main address, marked attention to the Registrar’s Office. Official transcripts must be submitted within the first 90 days of enrollment. An official transcript must be submitted in English. Students needing transcripts of their Trinity courses may request those from our Registrar’s Office.

 Course End Dates
Q: How long do I have to complete my courses?
A: The course end date for each course is listed on your Class Schedule. If you have not received a copy of your Class Schedule, please contact us via email ( and we will be able to send you a copy.

Q: What if I cannot complete all of the courses by their course end dates?
A: Students not completing their courses by the original course end dates have the option to request incompletes and/or extensions.

An incomplete is for students needing a short timeline to complete a course. An incomplete is given on a per course basis only. An incomplete will provide an additional 30 calendar days (regardless of the delivery system) beginning the first calendar day after course end date. Only one incomplete is allowed per course. Trinity must receive the request for an incomplete including payment on or before the end date of the course. An incomplete may not follow an extension.

An extension is for students needing a longer timeline to complete a course. An extension is given on a per course basis only. An extension may be given at the end date of either the course or incomplete timeframe. An extension will provide an additional 6 weeks for an Online Course or 6 months for a course of any other delivery system beginning the first calendar day after the original course end date or the incomplete end date (if applicable). Only one extension is allowed per course. Trinity must receive the request for an extension, including payment, on or before the original end date of the course or the end date of the incomplete (if applicable). If courses are not completed within the specified period of time, a student in good standing will have an opportunity to request an incomplete and/or extension for each unfinished course.

Q: How can I set up a schedule for completing my courses before their end dates?
A: Students may create their own course assignment schedule by going to Trinity's student Orientation Manual and reviewing the information provided under Tab 1. The Orientation Manual provides step-by-step instructions for setting up a personalized schedule for students’ course assignments.

 Course Assignments
Q: Who do I contact with questions regarding my lessons/course content?
A: After you have finished the Tutorial and as you begin your first assignment, please do so knowing that there are many people at Trinity here to help and support you. Questions referring to course content, Turabian style of writing, assignment instructions, and assistance contacting a faculty member may be directed to Questions will then be forwarded to the appropriate faculty member or, if appropriate, staff member who will best assist you in getting your questions answered.

Q: How often should I send in a lesson?
A: Trinity is designed to be self-paced, self-guided, and self-directed. This means that considering your job schedule, family commitments, and other activities you are involved in, you decide how much time you are able to devote to your studies and submit your assignments as you finish them. You do need to keep in mind the instructions in your study guide as well as the course end dates for each course to ensure you are making sufficient academic progression. You may also refer to Tab 1 in your Orientation Manual for assistance in setting up a schedule of completion.

In working on a course, first review the study guide as a whole to get an overall view of what is required. Pay particular attention to the first assignment which is a participation assignment. You will need to follow the instructions for the participation assignment in the study guide that matches the course code on your Class Schedule and in the course key email. Students registered for the Independent Study (IS) version of the course, may find instructions for the participation reports, as well as a template, in the TOLC resource room. Participation Reports for these students are to be submitted every two months until the assignment is completed.

Q: How do I send a lesson through the Online Submission Method?
A: Students will find step-by-step instructions for submitting lessons via the Online Lesson Submission Instructions page.

When you send a lesson via the Online Submission Method, you will receive a confirmation message that the lesson was successfully received. If you do not receive this confirmation please contact our Online Lessons Coordinator at or by using the Online Request Form.

Q: Can I send my lessons through the postal mail?
A: Yes! Student's who prefer to send their lessons via postal mail may do so by following the step-by-step instructions located on the Instructions for Postal Submissions page.

Q: How can I find the status of a lesson/grade?
A: To obtain the status of a lesson/grade you may contact our Grades Coordinator, via the Online Request Form or by sending an email directly to

Q: How long does it take for a lesson to be graded?
A: Lessons may take up to four weeks to be graded. Sending lessons via postal mail will require extra time to receive a grade.

Q: Should I contact someone if I don't receive my grade within the given time frame?
A: Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances which may cause a longer turnaround time. If a grade for a lesson is not received by the expected return date, Trinity will send an inquiry to the faculty member. Consequently, if a student does not receive a grade within an additional ten business days, the student may contact the Grades Coordinator at

Q: Is there a required writing style that I should use when preparing my lessons?
A: A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, Sixth Edition by Kate L. Turabian is to be used as the default writing style manual when students do not receive explicit instructions from Trinity materials. Any specifications from the Trinity Course Study Guide take precedence over Turabian or any other Trinity materials.

The Turabian manual is a book that we would highly recommend you purchase and add to your library for it is a book that you will refer to often throughout your studies. You may purchase this book from your favorite online book site, your local bookstore, or from Trinity's Virtual Bookstore.