What Our Graduates Are Saying
Trinity Graduate

"Praise God for learning a little more than I did before….."

-Dr. Bob Doane, Doctorate of Ministry, Pastoral Ministry

"The confidence I received changed my life.  God has plans…God provided me knowledge through Trinity."

- Mr. Amer Khan, Bachelor of Theology

Trinity Graduate

"Trinity College has been an inspiration to me in many ways. I suppose the most preeminent way in my life it has taught me to have more confidence in myself. It’s given me the tools to study the Word of God at a deeper level."

Rev. Timothy Hall, M.A. Theology

"As a result of my study at Trinity we have established a Bible College in India known as the Hope for Asia Bible College."

- Rev. Oommen Kutty, Doctor of Religious Studies

"I believe that as a result of this divine institution many, many souls will be saved in God’s Eternal Kingdom"

- Pastor Thomas Eristhee, Master of Ministry

Why Give To Trinity

There is a great need for dedicated, educated, theologically well-grounded pastors, ministers, missionaries, and Christian counselors in our world today. The thoughtful giver directs resources where they will have the most impact on God’s work in the world. If you agree that people will have the best opportunity to experience God’s love through the church and its people, then strengthening the church should be a priority for you. One way to do that is by ensuring that people who are called to ministry have the best possible preparation for leading congregations and serving in other ministry roles in a compassionate and intelligent way. Trinity has a long, successful record of nurturing the spirit and intellect of pastors and other church leaders. Gifts from people like you have made the work of the Seminary possible by equipping talented, caring people to heed the call to serve in Kingdom building.

The ministry of Trinity extends beyond our online classrooms. In 1991, the school launched Trinity Crusades for Christ, an outreach ministry to the community. Ministering through area crusades, city-wide and church revivals, teen suicide prevention presentations in the public and private schools, motivational addresses to civic clubs and church growth seminars, Trinity Crusades for Christ has been used by God to reach over 1,200,000 teenagers and record over 115,000 decisions for Christ from the time the Crusades began in January, 1991.

Being the world leader in distance theological education, by which it serves thousands of men and women in the U.S. and worldwide who might otherwise be deprived of a biblical education and ministerial training, Trinity is positioning itself for continued excellence in providing biblically-based higher education and preparing leaders for more effective ministry in the twenty-first century. In order to grow in its service to Christ’s Church and the diverse, multi-cultural global community, Trinity seeks to expand its educational offerings and infrastructure in the following ways:

  • Expand online course offerings and degree programs – As a leader in serving students world-wide through theological distance education, Trinity will engage in additional technological innovation and training in support of the expansion of the Trinity Online Learning Center.

  • Establish an endowment for future operations – Establishing an endowment will ensure Trinity’s fiscal stability and provide for future growth and development.

Donors to the Seminary realize:

  • How critical it is for the church to have educated clergy

  • The importance of keeping theological education affordable and accessible

  • That Trinity has been and continues to be the pioneer and leader in providing quality theological distance education

For those considering support of Trinity as an expression of gratitude for God's gifts, we invite you to become a partner in "equipping the saints" to participate in the continuing ministry of Jesus Christ.