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Ph.D. Degree – Christian Women’s Studies

The specialization in the Ph.D. degree is the focused area of study designed to prepare a student for a specific career path or professional goal. Courses in the major define the subject areas of expertise being developed by the student. All courses in the focus areas are 3 semester credit hours each.

Focus Core Studies – choose only 4 courses

  • WS 705 Communication Skills for Women
  • WS 731 Women Ministering to Women: Applied Literary Review
  • BS 718 Contemporary Biblical Hermeneutics
  • WS 825 Women in Scripture and Church History:
    Exegetical and Historiographical Issues and Methods
  • WS 704 Applied Theories of Leadership for Women
  • WS 741 Classical Models of Spiritual Formation for Women
  • WS 822 Advanced Studies of Contemporary Women Theologians

Program Structure

  • RW 001 Trinity Tutorial
  • Focus Core – 4 Courses – 12 credits
  • PR 800 Professional Compendium – 12 credits
  • RW 876 Doctoral Thesis – 12 credits
  • RW 890 Program Summary – 3 credits

Information on the PhD Degree and Other Focus Areas