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MA Degree – Major in Christian Management and Leadership

The major in the Master of Arts degree is the focused area of study designed to prepare a student for a specific career path or professional goal. Courses in the major define the subject areas of expertise being developed by the student.

Purpose of the Major

To guide learners in the study of theoretical, theological and practical concepts and issues of management and leadership and apply this study to management and leadership in the church or para-church context to promote management and leadership and ministry effectiveness.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learners will analyze historically and theologically the various theories of management and leadership.
  2. Learners will assess contemporary concepts of management and leadership.
  3. Learners will explore best practices of management and leadership in the church or para-church.
  4. Learners will analyze practical management scenarios and evaluate necessary attitudes and behaviors by managers and leaders to promote positive outcomes.
  5. Learners will interact with the content of the chosen major via analysis, critical thinking, and synthesis, culminating in an applied research thesis.

Major Core Studies – 18 Credits

Major Core Studies form 18 credits of the 33 credits minimum for the MA degree Major in Christian Management and Leadership.

Students are asked to move through the Major Core courses in the order listed. Completing courses in this order will promote a theoretical and theological development of Christian management and leadership praxis.

  • AD 515 Management Functions and Principles
  • AD 637 Management and Leadership Theory
  • AD 501 Human and Organizational Development
  • AD 584 Human Resource Management
  • BS 518 Biblical Hermeneutics
  • CM 526 Managing Conflict

Program Structure – 33 Credits Minimum

  • RW 001 Trinity Tutorial – 0 credits
  • General Electives – 12 credits
  • M.A. Core Studies – 3 credits
  • Major Core Studies – 18 credits

A minimum of 18 credits must be earned through Trinity.

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