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DMin Degree – Major in Pulpit Communication and Expository Preaching

The major in the DMin degree is the focused area of study designed to prepare a student for a specific career path or professional goal. Courses in the major define the subject areas of expertise being developed by the student.

Purpose of the Major

To equip pastors and other church leaders in advanced skills of sermon preparation and public exposition of Scripture and enable them to engage in biblical interpretation, theological reflection, and creative homiletical design in order to effectively communicate today.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learners will develop the ability to critique their own sermons and the sermons of others based on sound exegetical and theological principles with appropriate awareness of communication theories and practices.
  2. Learners will propose a research question relevant to Pulpit Communication and Expository Preaching that can be researched adequately and will advance knowledge in the field of Homiletics.
  3. Learners will construct a research design in the field of Homiletics that is valid, stable, and reliable for gathering the data necessary to answer the proposed research question.
  4. Learners will construct a practical research project that combines academic excellence with application to a contemporary ministry setting for the purpose of enhancing biblical preaching in the twenty first century.

Major Core Studies – 18 Credits

Major Core Studies form 18 credits of the 30 credits minimum for the DMin degree Major in Pulpit Communication and Expository Preaching. Major Core Studies are from Expository Preaching and elective subject areas.

  • EP 890 Theories and Modalities Impacting Today’s Preacher
  • EP 875 Critical Aspects of Old Testament Expository Preaching
  • EP 874 Critical Approaches to New Testament Expository Preaching
  • EP 871 In-Depth Exegesis for Expository Preaching
  • EP 870 Analyzing the Theological Basis for Expository Preaching
  • Elective: Any 1 course in any area – 3 credits

Program Structure – 30 Credits Minimum

  • RW 001 Trinity Tutorial – 0 credits
  • Major Core Studies – 18 credits
  • D.Min. Common Core – 6 credits
  • D.Min. Capstone Research Project – 6 credits

A minimum of 21 credits must be earned through Trinity. A maximum of 9 credits may be satisfied via transfer credit. The transfer must be relevant to the student's program of study and equivalent in both content and degree level of doctoral courses. Transfer (grades of "B" or above) must satisfy the requirements of the program. Awarding degree credit for experiential learning is not available at the doctoral level.

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