The Trinity Department of Coptic Studies

"In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the Lord at its border... Blessed is Egypt My People".
Isaiah 19:19,25

This new Department has been established to provide online degree programs for those whose religious affiliation is the Christian Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt. The B.A., M.A., and doctoral programs include core courses required for the degree and a selection of electives. The current curriculums in the Trinity Coptic studies degree programs contain four required core courses, and Coptic course elective subjects to fulfill the degree requirements. The courses being created are: Coptic Church History; Christianity in Egypt: History and Culture; Coptic Literature; Ritual Theology; Coptic Religious Revivalism within Egypt’s Past and Present; Pastoral Theology & Missiology; The Coptic Christian Community of Egypt; Introduction to Coptology; The Religious Heritage of Egypt.

The courses can be completed online from any location around the world. The core courses can be completed through online Webinars. The courses are presented in the English language. Students in the Coptic studies degree programs have the option of submitting course projects in either Arabic or English.

Trinity has provided Biblical Counseling Webinars for Coptic priests and adult learners at the Coptic Centre in Toronto, Canada. Trinity’s Biblical Counseling courses have been developed under the direction of the Department Chair, Dr. Jeff Forrey. These practical and applicable courses prepare the counselor to deal with a wide variety of personal and family issues from a biblical perspective.

Their satisfaction with the academic excellence and biblical focus of the courses resulted in a contractual arrangement with Trinity for more online Coptic studies degree programs.

Biblical Counseling is one of the many major concentrations available in the B.A. and M.A. degree programs. The courses can be completed online and/or in Webinars which will enable you to study with students around the world during the Webinar lectures.

If you are a Coptic Christian with a desire to increase your ministry skills, or wish to earn a college or theological seminary degree with electives specific to the areas of doctrinal importance to you, contact one of our Coptic Studies Representatives using the button above. Or, call Trinity College and Theological Seminary: 1-800-457-5510. Ask to speak with Mr. Steve Williams. He will prepare a degree program for you that will maximize your previous education and life-learning experience, including a budget friendly tuition fee.

The Coptic studies degree programs are unique and only available online at Trinity College and Theological Seminary. The focused curriculums will provide you with an enriching study program that can be completed on your computer without leaving your home or place of employment to attend resident classes.

Call today and become a member of the Trinity global Coptic Christian student community. This will be a venue for new and lasting friendships for Coptic Christians who share a common faith and heritage. Only God knows what will happen as this global Community has a major influence on Coptic Christians around the world.