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BA Degree – Major in Biblical Counseling

The major in the Bachelor of Arts degree is the focused area of study designed to prepare a student for a specific career path or professional goal. Courses in the major define the subject areas of expertise being developed by the student.

Purpose of the Major

To acquaint learners with an overview of Biblical Studies oriented toward helping fellow Christians respond to trials for God’s glory so that they can grow through the experiences and be agents of change in the local church or other Christian institutions.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learners will identify the main themes of redemptive history running throughout the Scriptures, culminating in the ministry of Jesus Christ, and relate them to the practice of counseling.
  2. Learners will describe how glorifying God and serving His purposes distinguishes Biblical Counseling from other methods of counseling.
  3. Learners will explain the fundamental role of counseling in the church.
  4. Learners will develop the skills needed for effectively working with people in distress.
  5. Learners will describe the contributions of important psychologists whose views have shaped American culture.

Major Core Studies – 30 Credits

Major Core Studies form 30 credits of the 120 credits minimum for the BA degree Major in Biblical Counseling. Major Core Studies are from the Biblical Counseling subject area.

  • BC 370 Becoming a Biblical Counselor 1
  • BC 372 Introduction to Biblical Counseling
  • BC 402 Developing Counseling Skills 2
  • BC 365 Introduction to Marriage and Family Counseling
  • BC 373 Counseling in the Local Church 2
  • BC 305 Supervised Counseling Experience 2*
  • Electives: Any 4 courses in Biblical Counseling (BC) – 12 credits2

1 Unless transfer credit is anticipated, students are strongly encouraged to register for the following courses first: BC 370 Becoming a Biblical Counselor and BS 401 Bible Study Methods.

2 Learners may replace course with an elective in Biblical Counseling (BC). An elective in Conflict Management (CM) may be used to replace one elective in Biblical Counseling (BC).

*Learners are encouraged to pursue remaining courses while in the counseling practicum course.

Program Structure – 120 Credits Minimum

  • RW 001 Trinity Tutorial – 0 credits
  • General Electives Studies – 60 credits
  • Bible Core Studies – 30 credits (at least 6 through Trinity)
  • Major Core Studies – 30 credits (at least 12 through Trinity)

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