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Educational Institutions are built upon several important elements, one of which is community involvement. Many colleges and seminaries satisfy this requirement by offering faculty lectures and seasonal functions for the community at large. One way Trinity satisfies this requirement is through Trinity Crusades for Christ, a ministry outreach of the school, by proclaiming the gospel message to spiritually needy people across America. What better way can a Christian college or theological seminary make a positive impact than to bring hopeless souls and defeated believers into a new relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ?

Included in the Trinity Crusades for Christ outreach are:

  • Area Crusades;
  • City-wide and Church Revivals;
  • Teen Suicide Prevention Presentations in Public and Private Schools;
  • Motivational Addresses to Civic Clubs;
  • Church Growth Seminars.
“As a Trinity student, you can experience the joy and pride that comes from the knowledge that your school is the only institution of higher learning in the world that has its own full-time Evangelist, and, through the Crusades ministry, has recorded over 115,000 decisions, from the time the Crusades began in January, 1991.”



Braxton Hunter, Evangelist

Braxton Hunter is a rising star in America as a gifted crusade evangelist, motivational speaker, author and apologist (defender of the faith).

Braxton has already preached in some of the nation’s largest and most prestigious churches while sharing the conference stage with such notables as Dr. Stephen Olford, Dr. Peter Lord and Dr. Bobby Moore.

He has served two churches as senior pastor and both congregations saw dramatic growth. The latter church, Cornerstone of McMinnville, Tennessee, grew from an average worship attendance of 275 to 550 in two years. The church tripled its income under Braxton’s direction and averaged 80 baptisms per year. He was named Religious Leader of the Year for 2004 in Warren County, Tennessee.

In addition to his remarkable pastoral achievements, Braxton has conducted area television crusades, successful revivals at very large and small churches alike, and preached at Trinity Baptist College of Clearwater, Florida where Billy Graham had previously spoken in the chapel.

Braxton attended Middle Tennessee State University where he met his wife, Sarah, and graduated with honors from Trinity Theological Seminary of Newburgh, Indiana. Because of his Grade Point Average there, the nationally-recognized Omicron Psi Honor Society invited and accepted him as a member.

Having a heart for teens, Braxton, speaks in high school assembly programs and holds the attention of the entire student body as few speakers are capable of doing. He challenges the youth to a noble life devoid of drugs, alcohol and premarital sex, as well as giving presentations on teen suicide prevention.

Record-breaking attendance and decisions for Christ have been the results of each of his crusades and revival meetings.

His sermons on defending the faith are so clear and definitive that he is now in demand to help church members learn how to battle the anti-Christian culture with a skilled use of the Word of God.

Braxton Hunter is now the Evangelist and Executive Director of Trinity Crusades for Christ, a nationally-recognized organization that was founded in 1991 by Dr. Harold F. Hunter. Since that date, this ministry that Braxton now leads has seen over 115,000 decisions for Christ and shared teen suicide prevention presentations to over 1.2 million teenagers.

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Trinity Crusades For Christ

Braxton Hunter,
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